My Game portfolio 2012

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Here it is my game portfolio check it out and feel free to comment it:


My AM Demo Reel

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Demo Reel

Test Pose

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A new post!!!

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Here a post of my lip sync pass


My Class 04 progress reel

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Here my most recent progress reel! Happy Holidays!!


Acting class

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Man that’s a while since I post something here. I took a leave of absence this summer and I didn’t post anything since I got back. I’m already in class 8 and starting the acting, it’s so complex. Well here is my blocking for my new shot.

First polishing pass

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Here is my first shot of the Anijam of this class. It’s been a while since I haven’t post anything, in fact it’s the first time for that class and it started almost a month ago. Shame on me!! I’m working on theĀ  timing of some action to break the even beat that I have. Especially around the first pull that need work and also to smooth everything. Still a lot of work to do!!